HTML Content - Custom Visual for Power BI

Change Log

Change Log

1.1.0 (2020-01-05)

Version currently in AppSource

Minor Enhancements

"No Data" Message

Previously, the message displayed if there was no data available was hard-coded. The visual has now been modified to expose a "No Data" Message property:


You are able to now type in a different message, e.g.:


The property has also been enabled to make use of conditional formatting. If you so wish, you could use a measure containing HTML-based formatting instead, e.g.:

<HTML> No Data = "
style='align: center'


Default Title No Longer Used

When creating a new instance of the visual, the title will no longer be shown be default (like for the table visual). This can be enabled or modified in the usual way in the properties pane.

1.0.2 (2020-08-28)

Minor Enhancements


The visual would previously sort in the value order supplied from Power BI (typically alphabetically).

Standard sorting has been added to the visual, which is accessible from the visual header in the usual way, and will now permit you to sort by any measures or columns added to the visual's fields.

For example, if we have a visual that contains Granularity for Country, and measure that generates HTML to render the flag, total sales, and a sparkline of sales over time, there's quite a lot going on here. Power BI would sort it based on the query result, which would likely be by the Granularity field order (i.e. Canada first, USA last):


Now, we could specify that we sort by the Country in reverse order by choosing the standard sorting options in the visual header, e.g.:


But what if we want to sort by total sales?

As there is an existing row context for Country, we can add our \$ Sales measure to the Granularity field. This will resolve to the same value that's displayed in our HTML measure, and because it's in the visual's data we can sort by it, e.g.:


Because values in the Granularity field are used to generate row context for the visual and do not get rendered, you may need to consider what happens to your HTML by adding columns or measures to this field, but this should provide a pretty decent level of flexibility here.

Bugs Fixed

List Items

The visual would not render ordered (<ol/>) or unordered (<ul/>) line item (<li/>) elements due to styling applied higher up in the custom visual host container. This has been resolved to work as expected, e.g.:


1.0.1 (2020-07-28)

Initial version released to the Power BI Marketplace.