HTML Content - Custom Visual for Power BI

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Does the Visual Cost?

It's free. And open source.

All development, promotion and support I do for the visual is carried out in my spare time. If you find the visual useful for your needs, or would like me to be able to spend more time developing and supporting it, it is possible to sponsor me, or Buy Me A Coffee ☕.

Will the Visual be Certified?

No, sorry. It is not possible to certify the visual under the current rules, specifically:

Accessing external services or resources. For example, no HTTP/S or WebSocket requests can go out of Power BI to any services.

Whilst the visual does not do this in its source code (as per the Privacy Policy), a user can write HTML that could access externally hosted content such as images, and this is not permitted under certification.

Using innerHTML, or D3.html (user data or user input)

This translates as "not being able to dynamically set the internal HTML content of the visual via data or properties". As this functionality is the fundamental purpose of HTML Content, we're a bit stuck here 🤷‍♂️

If you need a certified visual that can handle simple HTML use cases, I recommend you go for Shielded HTML Viewer instead.

Is the Visual Supported?

If you have a feature request for the visual or are experiencing an issue, then the support page contains information on this. Please remember that there are limitations in Power BI that prevent some types of content and we can't do much about that, so please be sure to check that page first to see if what you're trying to do is possible or not.

I'll always try and keep the visual as up-to-date as possible in terms of making sure things keep running along with the latest versions of Power BI.


Custom visuals aren't allowed to arbitrarily open hyperlinks, but we have an Allow Opening URLs property that can help in some cases. There are some considerations to this also, but everything currently known about is under the linked documentation.

Why Can't I Embed this Particular Video/Web Page/Other Ambitious Thing?

Custom visuals have a number of restrictions imposed upon them by Power BI, so unfortunately some things just won't work. There's a page dedicated to the limitations that we know about, which may help you ascertain whether you're trying to do something that the visual cannot.