HTML Content - Custom Visual for Power BI



Firstly, thanks very much for using the visual! I've had a lot of feedback since introducing it to AppSource and I'm really pleased to hear it's helping people out in their reporting work. If you have an idea and are looking for assistance, then please read on!

Getting Support

HTML Content is released under the MIT License and is free of charge and open source.

The visual does its best to render whatever content you supply to it, but there are a number of limitations imposed upon it by Power BI that we cannot do much about. Please review this page first to determine if what you are attempting does not work for these reasons.

I maintain the visual in my free time, so if you still experience issues beyond the limitations detailed above or have a particular feature request, please create an issue in the project's GitHub repository and I will endeavour to investigate and respond as soon as possible.

If you have challenges around learning or creating HTML to suit your use case then I would suggest the Power BI Community or Stack Overflow, as there's likely already someone who has attempted to do what you're doing and these sites offer a much wider pool of (free) support.

If you're still stuck after this and require dedicated support for a particular challenge, I offer consultation services and would be very happy to provide a quotation for any potential work.

If you need an HTML visual with more dedicated support, I recommend you go for one of the following alternatives for Power BI:

Giving Support

All development, promotion and support I do for the visual is carried out in my spare time. If you find the visual useful for your needs, or would like me to be able to spend more time developing and supporting it, it is possible to sponsor me, or Buy Me A Coffee ☕.