HTML Content - Custom Visual for Power BI

Visual Editions

Visual Editions

HTML Content comes in two editions. These are separate AppSource visuals, so you can download and use the one that best suits your needs.


This edition of the visual tries to provide as much functionality as possible within the custom visual sandbox. Note that Microsoft does impose some limitations on all custom visuals, not just certified vs. uncertified ones so it is not possible to do everything. You can learn more about these limitations on the CORS & Other Known Limitations page.

Lite (Certified)

This edition is a reduced subset of available tags and no external comms. This is to comply with Microsoft's certification rules.

Minimum required versions:

  • Power BI Desktop: November 2022
  • Power BI Report Server: May 2023

The available tags are listed below.

Standard HTML

<img/> *<kbd/><li/><main/><mark/>

* can be used with data URLs. Content cannot be loaded from remote endpoints, in order to comply with visual certification rules.


All SVG tags are available for use, with the exception of the following (due to the ability to introduce potential XSS vulnerabilities):

  • <foreignObject>
  • <script>
  • <use>

The same rules apply for any tags that can be used to load external content: a suitable data URL and base64 content will be permitted.